www.fuckmepics.org - Webmaster Page

If your a Webmaster follow these steps to start dumping your picture galleries to fuckmepics.org.

1. First, register your domain by visiting the registration form.
2. Once you've done that confirm your account via the email address you used when registering. This is important so don't forget.
3. Now add a link to fuckmepics.org somewhere on the picture gallery your submitting using the anchor "Hot Pics" or just maintain a ratio at or above 90% to bypass.
4. If you use a trade script please add us. Not mandatory but appreciated and helps grow our trade.
5. If you prefer to build a ratio rather than link back you might want to start plugging some of our hosted pics

Once everything is completed you should be able to see your domain listed on our stats page.
Next to your domain you can see how many hits we've sent to your picture galleries and how many hits you've sent back to us along with your sites overall ratio.
If your one of the top 10 sites sending in hits you'll get listed on our index page near the top of our site so try and send as much as you can to make it and get some good traffic from that.

To submit a picture gallery please go to our submission form.

For advertising or other requests you can email me at admin@fuckdevil.com